Keys To Ordering A Custom Hydraulic Press From A Manufacturer

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If you need to shape durable materials in different ways, a hydraulic press can help you accomplish these tasks in a safe, controlled manner. If your press needs are so unique that you have to work with a manufacturer to have a custom machine made, then follow these suggestions for a well-performing product that you can trust works out great.

Seek Design Assistance if Stuck

Along the way to developing a custom hydraulic press, you may get stuck. It may be figuring out how much compressive force this machine needs to provide or how this press needs to be shaped. When at these crossroads, it's a good idea to seek design assistance from your manufacturer.

They should have a dedicated department of engineers that can help you work past design obstacles. They'll suggest designs that they see working out best based on how and where you're using this custom hydraulic press. Then you can move forward with subsequent stages of press manufacturing. 

Have Manufacturer Simulate Press Performance Before Development Begins

Something you want to do before a custom hydraulic press is developed in a manufacturing environment is simulate its performance digitally. This lets you review relevant metrics in a cost-effective manner and ultimately see if your custom press solution is going to work out great long-term.

Your press manufacturer should have simulation capabilities thanks to advanced software that they have access to. They can create 3D models of your hydraulic press and then run trial simulations, documenting relevant metrics like compressive force range and temperature characteristics. Then if there are lingering issues, you can identify them before producing an actual hydraulic press and that's key to saving money. 

See What Unique Challenges Should be Accounted For 

When making a custom hydraulic press, there may be some unique challenges that you're presented with. Maybe the challenge is a confined work space where this press needs to go or it needs to support really durable materials that require a lot of compressive force to manipulate them in different ways.

As long as you take the time to identify these unique challenges before manufacturing begins, you can set up hydraulic press development for success. Your manufacturer can help identify these challenges too so that you can ensure the right contingencies are put in place before manufacturing commences.

Some projects require custom hydraulic presses. If you deal with them on a regular basis, what you need to do is consult with a custom hydraulic press manufacturer carefully. Then in no time, you'll have key aspects mapped out for a great press at the end. 

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