Best Ways To Save Money On Your Crane Rental

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Cranes can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, which is why many companies don't buy their own cranes. Companies that need the occasional crane, but don't want to invest the money in a crane purchase, usually turn to crane rental services. Renting a crane is the most practical course of action if you can rent the crane for a sensible price. These tips will help you save money on your crane service

Provide Your Own Driver

Providing your own employee to operate the crane will keep rental costs low. Keep at least one employee on staff who qualifies as a certified crane operator. There are a variety of different types of certification for different types of cranes (mobile crane, boom truck, overhead crane, tower crane and more). Hire an employee or multiple employees who are trained to operate the types of cranes that your company uses most often, and plan to absorb the cost of the occasional crane rental with driver for those types of cranes that your company uses less often. 

Keep the Rental Time to a Minimum

Time spent with the crane sitting idle is money wasted. Make the most of your time with the crane by ensuring that it is always moving and working for you. Here are a few tips that will help you make this happen:

  • Provide easy access to all the items that need to be transported by the crane. Obstructions in the landscape will need to be moved in order to allow the crane easier access. Moving the items in advance will ensure that the time with the crane isn't wasted on these logistical details. 
  • Form a plan of action before the crane arrives on site. Have plans for the crane ready before the crane arrives. Your plan should include the best location to park the crane, a list of goals for the crane operator, how many workers will be needed on the site and a list of necessary materials to ensure that the goals for the crane are met. Writing out this type of plan in advance will help you identify and resolve potential issues before the crane arrives. 
  • Whenever possible, place items to be moved by the crane up on blocks. Elevating the items will make it easier to attach the rigging. 

For more suggestions on ways that you can save on your crane service, speak with your crane rental company. Representatives from your chosen crane service can advise you on the best ways to cut costs and make the most of your time with the crane.