Three Times When Renting A Stump Grinder Makes More Sense Than Buying

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If you've ever tried to chop, dissolve, burn or rip out a tree stump, you know what a challenge it can be. Some stumps refuse to budge, while others turn to sawdust and leave large bumpy roots where you'd rather have grass. If you've finally decided to grind the stump and get rid of it forever, you don't need to buy a grinder. Here are three times when renting one makes more sense.

1. When you're not a mechanic.

Even if you have a lot of stumps to take care of and think buying will be more economical than renting, it might not be the best choice for you. Stump grinders are powerful, effective tools but are notoriously needy when it comes to repairs and adjustments. They give and take a lot of abuse, and they need to be in perfect alignment in order to work. Buying one means that you'll have to deal with air filters, nuts and bolts, changing oil and hydraulic fluid, keeping the tires inflated and replacing leaky hoses. Rent one when you need it and the equipment rental company will take care of all of that maintenance.

2. When you can't sharpen stump grinder teeth.

Even if you're comfortable with basic mechanics, stump grinding teeth require special care and equipment. These carbide teeth go through solid wood and occasionally stones and pieces of metal. Like saw blades, they always need sharpening. When they get dull - which is often- you'll need to remove, sharpen and realign them. For this you need a metal grinding wheel to remove the buildup and a diamond-impregnated wheel to sharpen the carbide. You'll also need patience to deal with the minuscule set-screws that hold the teeth in place. It's a dangerous and tedious job, so if you don't know how to do it, rent one that's been newly sharpened and ready to go. 

3. When you're short on time and space.

Stump grinders work slowly, which is why some grinding services charge by the inch. The more power you have, the faster you can plow through that monster stump. To get enough power to do it quickly, you'll need a unit with enough capacity, which also means a much larger grinder. Grinders in the 60-horsepower range can be the size of a riding lawnmower or even larger. Even if you prefer to buy tools and equipment rather than rent, machinery this size can take up a good portion of your garage. You'll also need room to maneuver it in and out, which can be very frustrating if your garage or workshop is already cramped.

Keep in mind that you'll probably want to grind your stump deep enough so that you won't have to spend time trying to dissolve the roots and remnants. Rent a grinder with enough capacity and you'll cut your time in half, and you won't have to worry about making room for it in the garage.

Getting rid of tree stumps can be frustrating, but you don't need to be a master mechanic, rearrange your garage or spend all day trying to do it. Visit your local equipment rental company and tell them how wide the stump is and how deeply you need to grind it. They'll probably have what you need, and it makes sense to rent the machine that will get the job done in a few hours or less. Contact a company like Rentals And More Inc for more information.