A Beginner's Guide To Recycling Transformers

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The price of copper continues to rise and it is increasingly more economically beneficial to recycle copper rather than have copper simply be disposed. Transformers contain a lot of copper and it is recommended that anyone who owns an old transformer have it recycled rather than disposing of it. 

To begin scrapping transformers, the first step is to know where to look for them in the first place. Transformers are found in various forms of equipment, including:

  • Power supply boxes
  • Microwaves
  • Power lines


The majority of the weight of a microwave is made up of copper breakage. It may be tempting to simply toss a microwave, but you are leaving a lot of money behind.

Power Supply Boxes

These supply boxes are found throughout the home. A common place they are found is at the end of power cords. Computer power supplies can be much larger and they have more than simply a transformer at the end of the charger, but they are also a great source of transformers.

Power Lines

You may not have access to power line transformers, but if you do, this is a great source of materials that can be recycled. However, if you can strike a deal with a power line company, you may be able to purchase power line transformers at a discount and would then be able to sell the scrap from the transformers at a profit. 

Removing The Transformer

When removing the transformer, it is important to not make the mistake of attacking the steel. Instead, it is better to focus on attacking the copper, which is a much more malleable material. If the transformer is very large though, you may need to heat the transformer in a fire, cool it, and then remove the transformer.

The Oil

In addition to trading copper, the transformer has oil that needs to be drained and can sometimes be recycled as transformer-grade or blend grade oil. Also, electrical equipment that is still functioning can be retrieved and used in future transformers.

Recycling Services

One of the easiest ways to have your transformer scrapped is to have it taken away by a recycling transformer service. These professionals will uninstall, remove, and purchase your transformer so that you do not have to worry about scrapping it yourself. The visit begins with an inspection and then the specialist determines the best way in which your transformer should be recycled