Using Scaffolding To Work Safely Off The Ground

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When the work you need to do is high above the ground, some things can make the job safer. Using a scaffolding for instance, instead of trying to do the work for a ladder can make the work more manageable as well as more reliable. But the scaffolding needs to be set up properly and used correctly. 

Types of Scaffolding

Scaffolding was once made from wood and constructed in layers as it was needed, but that method is not very practical anymore. The wood is heavy and expensive, so modern builders use steel scaffolding that can be assembled and taken down as needed. If saving weight is a concern, there is also aluminum scaffolding available on the market, but it is not as durable as its steel counterpart.

Safety First

Scaffolding is a safer way to work but only if you take the proper precautions when using it. It needs to be set up correctly to work right. If the ground under your scaffolding is not level, you need to build a base out of heavy wood blocking to support the scaffolding. Most scaffolding comes with adjustable feet on the bottom but if yours does not, check with the manufacturer or the dealer and get some. The feet work like jack screws and make leveling the scaffolding much easier. 

Heavy Duty Platforms

The boards used as platforms on most scaffolds are heavy and thick so they can support the weight of several men and tools safety. Some scaffolding uses aluminum platforms now that have a rating for the weight they can support. Whether you use wood or premade platforms, it is crucial that they not be overloaded or they could fail, and the workers on it could be injured. No matter what scaffolding system you are using, the idea is to provide a safe and stable work area, but the platforms must be strong enough. 

Assembling the Scaffolding

For your scaffolding to work correctly for you, it needs to be assembled properly. Each section has to be positioned right, and the cross supports put in correctly. If you are not sure how to join the parts, it is a good idea to get the dealer where you purchased the scaffolding or a representative from the manufacturer to go over the set up with you. All of the parts need to be in place for the scaffolding to work the way it was designed. If the scaffolding is not assembled correctly, it could result in a failure that brings the entire structure down, and if people are on it at the time, it could be catastrophic. 

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