Renting Specialty Equipment For Your Construction Project

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Working on a construction project, large or small, can mean getting some equipment you do not own. Working with a construction equipment rental company to find what you need and get it on the job site could be the perfect solution for the equipment that you only need one time. 

Small Equipment

Some pieces of equipment are not used on a regular basis, so renting them is often better than buying them. These machines are often expensive, and tools like mobile air compressors, large generators, or jackhammers may be needed one time for the job you are on. As such, a construction equipment rental company may have several options to choose from. As such, you will have to determine exactly what you are going to need to do the job. In some cases, you may need the rental company's help to decide which model or size machine you need for the job you are doing.

Large Equipment

If you need something larger like a backhoe, a skid steer loader, or a ditching machine, the construction equipment rental company you are working with may deliver the equipment to you and then pick it up when you are finished. The rental company may require that the operator for large construction equipment has some experience with the machines or go through a short training with the equipment before they rent it to you.

If the construction equipment rental company does not have the equipment you need on hand, they may be able to bring it in from another location for you. You may also need to buy special insurance for the equipment you are renting, but many construction equipment rentals offer the insurance so you can roll it into the cost of renting the machine.

Long Term Rentals

There are some situations that you may need to have use of the equipment you are renting for several weeks or even longer. Many construction equipment rentals are available long-term. The rental company can even set up maintenance for the equipment and provide you with supplies if there is something you will need during the rental period. 

If you are looking for long-term construction equipment rentals, let the rental company know when you contact them. If the equipment you need is something that goes out a lot, the rental store may need to bring in an additional piece of equipment to ensure they have the one you need and can still provide the rentals for other people looking for the same item. For more information, contact a construction equipment rental company.