Common Reasons Why People Utilize Portable Toilet Rentals

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Portable toilet rentals can come in handy in a number of different situations. As someone who has never utilized a portable toilet rental before, you may find yourself wondering what the common reasons are that people utilize this type of service. Here are three common reasons why people rent toilets. 

At a Construction Site

One of the most common reasons why portable toilet rentals are rented is for use at a construction site. When new homes or commercial buildings are being constructed, there may not be nearby facilities for employees to use. Bringing in portable toilets helps to ensure that the construction crew has a place to go to the bathroom. OSHA requires there to be toilets available to workers, so bringing in portable toilets also helps employers avoid being fined. 

When Renovations Are Being Completed

Another common reason portable toilets are rented is that renovations are being completed on a bathroom. If you only have one bathroom in your home and you are renovating that bathroom, your family needs a bathroom. A portable toilet fulfills this requirement. Commercial buildings, schools, restaurants, and retail stores also utilize portable toilets when they are completing renovation or remodeling work on the bathrooms in their buildings, ensuring there are enough bathrooms available, even when remodeling work is taking place. 

To Host an Outdoor Event

The final common reason portable toilet rentals are utilized is that an outdoor event is being hosted in a location where there are no toilets. Think about a fair, carnival, or concert that takes place outside. You often see porta potties or trailer toilet rentals. These toilets are brought in specifically to ensure guests at the events have a place to use the restroom. There are many outdoor events, including weddings, family reunions, fairs, and concerts, where portable toilet rentals can come in handy. 

There are a number of reasons why people rent portable toilets. The most common reasons include needing a toilet at a construction site where facilities are not available, when renovation or remodeling projects are being completed at a home or business, or when someone is hosting an outdoor event and needs to have toilets available for their guests. In addition to there being numerous reasons why people use these toilets, there are also a number of different portable toilet options available. Reach out to a portable toilet rental company to learn more about the options available.