Safely Operating A Rented Crane: Tips And Hiring Options

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Cranes are powerful machines that can help you accomplish heavy-lifting tasks on your construction site. By being able to rent a crane, you will have access to the equipment you need at any time. However, operating a crane also comes with a high degree of risk. Continue reading to learn some essential guidelines to safely handle your crane rental

Proper Training 

Crane operators must be trained in the proper set-up, load handling, and signaling procedures. They must also know the hazards and safety protocols associated with the type of crane they are operating. If you plan to use the crane yourself, make sure you receive adequate training to do so safely. The OSHA requires that all workers who work a crane be certified. Therefore, one option is to make sure that your employees undergo the certification process before operating the crane.

Proper Set-Up

Before you operate a crane, you must prepare the site by ensuring the ground is level and the crane has ample space to work. You must also ensure that the crane is appropriately set up, including establishing a stable base, securing the crane with outriggers, and ensuring the load capacity does not exceed the crane's limit. 

An outrigger is a structural component used to support a crane's boom or arm. It is typically a vertical or angled member attached to the crane's base and extends outward, providing a wider footprint for the crane to stand on.

Proper Load Handling

When it comes to load handling, it is essential to follow the manufacturer's instructions, as well as any site-specific protocols. You must ensure the load is adequately secured, balanced, and within the crane's capacity.


Effective communication between the crane operator and other workers on the site is crucial. You must establish and follow signaling proto to ensure the crane operator has a clear view of the load and the surrounding area.

Hiring a Professional Crane Operator

Hiring a professional crane operator is best if you do not have workers trained in crane operation. A professional operator will have the necessary training, certifications, and experience to operate the crane safely. They will also have the required insurance coverage to protect against any accidents.

If you are not trained or skilled in crane operation, it is best to hire a professional operator. By following these guidelines, you can ensure the safe operation of your crane rental and accomplish your heavy-lifting tasks efficiently and effectively.